Global Support & Partnerships

We seek the support of the global community via generous multinational, and international businesses as well as foundations who share our passion to positively impact the world, one mentored child at a time. 
Your mentorship support efforts with BBBS International can be customized to align perfectly with your organization's specific community support goals.
Our global and local mentorship impact grows based on connecting wonderful people, who can be caring mentors from within your organization, with children in need of mentorship. This, along with your financial support for our cost-effective, life-changing mentorship overhead in matching, training, and securely providing mentorship oversight, provides the best possible outcomes for both the mentors and children. 
Mentors and corporate leaders tell us that the experiences of mentorship results in positive personal growth for everyone involved.
Currently, we are also seeking specific funding for new technology initiatives to better leverage global shared services to reduce mentorship costs and bring empowerment to the next generation of BBBS International children who are seeking better lives though our mentoring programs.
Please contact Jim Wimpress, the President / CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters International at [email protected] with any questions on how you can change the life of a child for the better, forever.
Thank you. 
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